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APG Fisiosphere


APG Fisiosphere

APG Fisiosphere for Face and Body


Unique and one of a kind APG Fisiosphere, is exclusively presented by Beauty Show Aesthetic Center. The DES Technology is created to locate and destroy th​e fat deposits in your body, redesign and sculpt your shape to the desired perfection. The toning, slimming and remodeling action is extremely suitable in cases of water retention and tissue disorder. Non-invasive therapy with drainage and detoxification mode, efficiently decomposing even the deep hard cellulite.


When applied to the face, it leads to a reduction in the visibility of wrinkles and powerful toning.


In a non-invasive way the Fisiosphere fights the unsightly appearance of:
– Cellulite
– Localised Fat Deposits
– Skin Laxity
– Wrinkles
– Tissue Ageing