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APG Fisiosphere Face Treatment

Fight against the time! Bring your youth glow back!

APG Fisiosphere Face is an extremely innovative and advanced effective therapy, which treats the loose, non elastic skin that has lost its density in the area of the face, neck and neckline. The main focus goes on the thin and aging tissues regenerating after being treated with the equipment. The deepest wrinkles are taken care of individually and only after a few procedures they become almost invisible. Unlike the KRF (Radio Frequency Lifting) and other anti-aging technologies that are not allowed when the individual has fillers and Botox, the APG Fisiosphere is applicable in full, harmless and even recommendable.

Radiofrequency Lifting KRF Treatment

Collagen and elastin production issues, lousy skin around the face, double chin, falling eyelids, deep or surface wrinkles, tired eyes, dark circles and puffiness in the eye contour area, deep lines and so much more for your face!!

The radio frequency lifting system presented uniquely by the KRF device, the only one in the world using fractional waves for deep tissue penetration, is already in Bulgaria, here in Beauty Show Aesthetic Center!
Spectacular results after 40 minutes! Suitable for ALL ages! And now times more effective and absolutely safe and painless!


Finally there is a procedure which will make you feel and look younger only in 5 minutes!

Even more beneficial than a medical intervention or a filler, the Coolifting is the most amazing and fastest carboxy-therapy ever with dual lifting effect – immediate and long-lasting. No pain, no needles, no time spent in doctor’s cabinets and swollen faces afterwards! Immediate effect even after the 1st procedure! Massive effect after a series of 6 to 8 treatments followed by a maintaining one every 3 weeks!


The 1st universal youth-enhancing treatment inspired by epigenetic, the science of genes.

An innovative formula that works at the heart of the cell, restructuring the damage caused by hormonal and skin aging, by smoothing lines, minimizing expression lines and deep wrinkles, and strengthening the structure of the skin.

The advanced cosmetic tool capable of fighting the signs of aging generated by modern day stress, active day and night life, applied with tremendous results even to the frequent travelers – anti jet-lag miracle.

The combined action of products and institute treatments helps collagen synthesis and preserves the elastin fibers, preserves the biological principles and increases the cellular defenses, protecting the skin from external agents.
Specific for giving back youthfulness to the face, neck, décolletage, eyelids and lips.

An extraordinary black alginate mask naturally strengthens the effects of the active ingredient soaked gauze mask, removed as easily as a peel.


The 40-min-therapy ACADEMIE D-TOX aims to bring your face an immediate and fast glowing effect, perfectly suitable solution for those who live in the busy polluted urban environment, for smokers and also the ones who do not take much care of their nutrition regime.

The treatment itself is a basic one, deeply cleansing and targeting the very dynamic oxygen-enforcing mechanism of the skin.

This express procedure Beauty Show offers will wash away any dirt, sebum, dead cells of the epidermis and will neutralize the outside factors which prevent the cells from breathing.

Clean and marvelously polished, the skin of your face will reinvent its vitality and smoothness.

Who shall do ACADEMIE D-TOX?!?

– No matter whether you are man or woman, if you live the always-in-a-hurry city lifestyle, ACADEMIE D-TOX by Beauty Show is an obligation once per month.
– Teenagers and/or youngsters who need a “cover-up” for the imperfections on their faces from large pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

ACADEMIE D-TOX is recommended to be combined with eye-contour therapy for even better glow!

DIBI Fill Perfection

The DIBI Fill Perfection treatment of Beauty Show Aesthetic Center is the first professional filler treatment with an extraordinary anti-age effect. The treatment performs an anti-age action that works directly in the filling of wrinkles. An extraordinary effect on your face thanks to the special Hyaluronic acid collagen mask that activates immediately with the exclusive Silk Protein activator.

OLOS Zucca Young Skin

Is there anything better than completely cleansing and purifying skin from impurities? Nettare di Zucca helps eliminate all those bothersome and unpleasant pimples and blackheads from your face. A new light for your skin!

Academie Soin Hydratant Optimale Treatment

Targets moisture. The skin is intensely hydrated, supple and radiant.

Instantly inundates the skin with freshness and replenishes it in water. Smoothes out deep and fine lines. Prevents further dryness and delivers instant and long-lasting moisture, and also has anti-dehydrating effect over the epidermis. The skin is soft and supple. The complexion is radiant.

DIBI Lift Creator

is a new generation lifting treatment that renews the epidermis, recreating the oval of the face, compacts the tissues and corrects wrinkles and signs of time.

The combined action of products, technology and cosmetologist supplies a peeling, re-shaping and lifting action in a unique solution. The result? Renewed, lifted, more tonic and compact skin.

DIBI Hydra Perfection

Hydra Perfection carries out a hydrating and nutrient action that ensures optimal balance in the levels of hydration and nourishment of the skin in any climatic condition. The cosmetic products of this line have been studied to contrast problems bound to dehydration of the skin. The guaranteed results from the active ingredients contained in the products are: hydrated skin, radiant complexion and a face filled with vitality.


Academie SOSstimulating oxygen program

Treatment targeting pollution. An amazing breath of oxygen for the skin. The perfect treatment for smokers’ skin. Therapy that fixes the damage to the epidermis due to the stress caused by the environment (pollution, ultraviolet rays, air conditioning, thermal shocks and computer screens). Reduces inflammation and skin imperfections.

The SUMMER Therapy

Whether you choose going to the beach, mountain or swimming pool, in summertime the most vulnerable part of your body is your FACE. The newest 3-step facial maintaining treatment of Beauty Show Aesthetic Center, though, will guarantee you a perfectly clean, moisturized and reinforced skin.

Gommage, mask and ampoule depending on your skin type for a beautiful, glowing and velvety face in 60 minutes. +GIFT: NATI 3 Face Analyzer – unique computer cosmetological diagnosis of the skin in 5 minutes.

Eye contour special Treatments

  • Academie Anti-puffiness – Anti-puffiness and decongesting treatment. Puffiness is reduced. The eye contour area is smoothed.
  • Academie Anti-Wrinkles – Moisturizing age recovery treatment. Deep lines are reduced. The eye contour area is smoothed.
  • DIBI Lift Creator 3 in 1 – redefines, lifts and smoothes the eye contour; reduces puffy eyes for a rejuvenated look; minimizes dark circles to give a rested and radiant look.

MEN’s Treatments

Academie MEN – 3 in 1 treatment: brightening, hydrating and age recovery. The skin is clearer, even, luminous and visibly younger.

Academie Collagen therapy – The top-of-the-line age recovery treatment. The skin is plumped up, full of vitality. Deep and fine lines are smoothed.